How To Add Video To Amazon Listing

An Amazon listing is basically a page on Amazon that gives more information information about a product that appears on The information will include the title of the product, the associated images, the description of the product as well as the price and customer reviews of the same product. How To Add Video To […]

Amazon Reviews FAQs: How To Delete, Negative Reviews, Bad Reviews

Customers can leave reviews on things they’ve purchased on Amazon by using the site’s review system. Customers can give purchases a five-star rating and write reviews about their interactions with the item. Reviews can be sorted from highest to lowest rating and from most recent to most useful. Additionally, customers can mark reviews as helpful […]

How To Find Someone’s Amazon’s Storefront

Amazon Storefronts is a feature that allows businesses to create a custom page on Amazon’s marketplace, featuring their brand and products. To set up a storefront, you will need to have a registered business and be a registered seller on Amazon. Here are the steps to set up an Amazon Storefront: Log in to your […]

Amazon Best Sellers Vs Amazon’s Choice: The Ultimate Guide

In this article we are going to compare Amazon best seller vs Amazon Choice. We will look at the general definition of each and tabulate so you can see the differences between the two. Lets star with Amazon Best Sellers Amazon Best Sellers A best seller on Amazon is a product that consistently has high […]

Amazon’s Price Drop Refund Policy After Purchase

Amazon’s price drop refund policy allowed customers to receive a refund for the price difference if the price of an item drops within a certain period of time after the customer has made a purchase. This policy applied to items sold and fulfilled by Amazon, and typically covered a period of seven days after the […]

How To Fix Search Suppressed Listings on Amazon

Suppressed listings on Amazon are items or listings that have been taken down or rendered invisible by Amazon as a result of a breach of their terms of service or policies. This may occur due to a number of factors, including fake goods, incorrect product information, and problems with the product’s packaging or labeling. Customers […]