How To Add Video To Amazon Listing

An Amazon listing is basically a page on Amazon that gives more information information about a product that appears on The information will include the title of the product, the associated images, the description of the product as well as the price and customer reviews of the same product.

How To Add Video To Amazon Listing

Here are the steps to follow to add videos to your Amazon listing as a seller

  1. Log in to your Amazon seller central account
  2. Search for  the product you want to add a video to
  3. You will see a “Add a Video” link under the main image section. Click on it
  4. Choose a video from your laptop or provide a URL to a video hosted elsewhere
  5. Add an appropriate title and description for your video (optional)
  6. Click on “Submit Video” to upload the video to your Amazon product page

Note: Amazon has certain requirements for the format, size, and length of product videos. Before uploading, make sure your video meets the criteria outlined in the Amazon Video Guidelines.

Making a good Amazon listing is very important for Amazon sellers who want to make impressive sales on the ecommerce platform. A good listing can  help increase visibility of your product and drive sales. When creating your Amazon listing, below are important points to consider:

  1. The Product Title: The title of your product should not just contain the name of the product, but also keywords, key features of the product as well as the brand name.
  2. Product Images: Good quality images, preferably high-quality ones should be posted. The images should be optimized to Amazon’s image requirements. Good quality images will help your customers better visualize your product so that they can make an informed decision
  3. Product Description: The description of the product should give your visitors more information concerning the product. The description should include information such as specs, features and  benefits. It should be clear, concise, and engaging.
  4. Pricing: Competitor research and analysis can help determine the right price for the product. Having a competitive price is important for acquiring new customers, especially in crowded marketplaces such as Amazon
  5. Product Reviews: Its a good idea to ask customers to leave a review. A review will greatly impact the listing’s credibility and help with your product ranking, as Amazon’s have made it know that they take into consideration the reviews that customer leave. This will ultimately determine product search results.
  6. Product Keywords: Its very important for you to choose the right keywords to be placed on the product title, the product description and the bullet points. The correct keywords can have a great impact on your product’s visibility in search results. Using keyword research such as Junglescout or Helium 10 can help you decide the best keywords to use that do not have a lot of competition.

In addition to these points raised, it’s also a must to make sure that your products comply with Amazon listing policies to avoid your listings getting suppressed and your account getting banned.

By having a comprehensive, well-optimized Amazon listing, sellers can increase their chances of attracting customers and increasing sales.

Why Is Amazon Listing Important?

Your Amazon listing is important because it is the window where you get to showcase your product to your customers. They will get to see the product details, price, customer reviews, and other important information related to your product. An optimized Amazon listing can help increase your product visibility, get more customers, and ultimately drive more sales.

Can I Sell Unbranded Items On Amazon?

Yes, it possible to sell unbranded items on Amazon. Please also note that Amazon has strict policies in place for the sale of unbranded products and it’s important to follow them to avoid any issues with your account.